RISE 3 – MEDIC Talent Pool Matches and Promos

RISE 3 – Shotzi Blackheart, Phoenix in Chains

RISE 3 – From Decay Comes…Zoey???

RISE 3 – Delilah Doom’s New Exorcise?

RISE 3 – Introducing Joseline Navarro

RISE 3 – Introducing Laynie Luck

RISE 3 – Introducing Machiko San

RISE 3 – Introducing Charli Evans

RISE 3 – Paloma Starr Returns

RISE 3 – Introducing Stefany Sinclair

Introducing Jessica Troy

Introducing Aja Perera

Introducing Tragedy Ann

Introducing Dementia D’Rose

Introducing Valentina Loca

RISE 3 – Kikyo Returns

RISE 3 – Jewells Malone Returns

Tragedy Ann vs. Aja Perera

Aja Perera vs. “The Duchess” Ayzali

Charli Evans Highlight Reel

Paloma Starr vs. Amazing Maria

Willow Nightingale vs. Solo Darling

Machiko San and Robyn Reid vs. Rachael Ellering and Lisa Marie Varon